Erotic services in Warsaw
14 Oct 2020

I expect to be treated with respect, generosity and kindness. I expect for my clients to be on time or at least give me notice if they are going to be late or are going to reschedule or cancel. I require screening to be done before we meet and I am available most days i take two days off a week but other than that im here for you ! xo

Recently returned to the Warsaw after being held close by the Pacific Northwest for many years, I am eager to get re-acquainted with the inner workings of that which is again so big and new to me. Sweet and petite escort in Warsaw, shy but flirtatious, and a head-in-the-clouds romantic at heart, I revel in curious pleasures and simple delights of all form.

In my free time I am often found reading (political theory, a favorite novel, works of poetry), draping myself in beautiful sounds, and studying languages. I adore attending performances at the symphony and the opera, grazing over delicate refreshments and fresh fruit on a picnic in the park, and am a confessed habitué of experimental film.